• SerafinoDragonTamer

    Well that escalated quickly…

    • BigBadWolf

      Im sure its only Nekkony feeling that sudden escalation. And i blame Kimi.

      • The_Rippy_One

        I’m pretty sure that, as rapid as that escalation was, Kimi certainly felt it, too.

        • Stephen Temple


        • BigBadWolf

          And after the death of the monster they will have enough meat and hide to have 40+ kittens and offspring and still feed the neighbors.

    • BigBadWolf

      Remember more than 5 seconds of hugging makes it pg13

  • Dracoson

    Well that’s one way to recruit a guy….

  • Night-X

    One of those last things before the big fight again. Well the others are too late to have him now.

  • Anthony Ramirez

    what was he going to say
    I love yogurt?
    I love yoga?

    • Nevyn

      I love Yoda?

      • DaedricSheep

        I love Yorkshire. It’s a lovely place!

  • Tamwyn

    Still waiting for nChan. T_T

    • Mihari

      *pats* N-chan is a lie.

      • Andrew


      • Tatsurou

        I didn’t know Glados made Cheese Cake.

        • Mihari

          You should, it’s cake too.

          • Tatsurou

            …I was making a portal joke…if N-chan is a lie, then Glados makes Chesecake…because the cake is a lie…I’ll stop now…

  • Cory Tenorio

    well that kind of killed the moment. but still it’s time TO FIGHT!!

  • syft3land

    If you look up on the definiton of ‘cute’ in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Kimi just like in the second to last panel.

  • Phlosioneer

    Kits or Babies? :P

    • Mihari

      The first is impossible, the second, that could be debated since the term itself is rather broad.

    • Andrew

      Kits are for foxes. You mean kittens, right?

  • XEspadaX

    Pra ser honesto, eu achei isso um pouco cliché, um ultimo beijo antes da batalha final.
    mas eu realmente gostei da reação das gêmeas no ultimo painel.

    To be honest, I think that’s a bit cliche, one last kiss before the final battle.
    But I really enjoyed the reaction of the Twins in the last panel

    • Mihari

      Normally I agree if it was just that, but Kimi deliberately did it to rile up at least 2 people into a killing frenzy. I don’t see how that’s cliche at all.

      • XEspadaX

        Maybe you got a point in that girl, but you probably expected this to happen, for the sake of the funny side of the comic, right?

        • Mihari

          Can’t really be expectation when you formulate it. X3

    • Nekonny

      A ideia do beijo pode ser um pouco cliche, mas o fato que a Kimi estava prestes a atacar, mas ai parou tudo para dar o beijo e diferente. E eficiente tambem, ja que com aquela simples acao ela ja convenceu 3 pessoas a participar do ataque.

  • Cameron

    Lol Yay! Kittens! Kittens! by far my favourite part

  • BlackWind

    well look at it this way Kimi thought *were both nekocats now may as well “do it n say it” while I can* so she tells him she loves him and kisses him while she’s at it before off to battle, superb page Nekonny (now just awaiting teh pin up version XD)

  • Hartree

    Kimi kissses! Even better than a potion of superheroism.

  • GES280

    mika and muna are not pleased.

  • DarkMyste

    Why do i get that feeling that a certain black and white tabby with floppy black ears is not going to be with nekony after this fight

    • jboy44

      now don’t say that, i’m sure they have more nekocats then ever before to handle this monster it’ll finally die and they can all live happily ever after, or we at lest get a hopeful open ending

    • BlackWind

      gah unjinx unjinx say it isn’t so man as they should be together after everything is over n done with!

      • jboy44

        my guess they will or we will get a hopeful open ending

      • larry

        don’t worry ken and kimi will be together for ever, remember they both took touched the weapon, and if I remember they are kinda…i think, memory is a bit fuzzy, bound to it now.

        • Mihari

          Nekonny did NOT touch the weapon… just clarifying. :3

          • larry

            wait, didn’t he touch the weapon and make it into a walkie talkie?

          • Mihari

            Nope, he couldn’t touch it at all.

  • Brett

    This page has given me hope for the comic’s future

  • http://barproductions.deviantart.com/ Blake Roten

    Nekonny, you lucky Son of a Cat. Speaking of luck and romance, how come they posted this comic page on monday instead of sunday, whatever happened to the post dates to when the katbox comics began, cause I can’t if you ever posted this on sunday night or on monday morning?

    • Nekonny

      I posted Sunday night before going to bed (10:30pm my time, more or less). Sometimes pages take longer for one reason or another… ^_^ ‘

  • Anthony Ramirez

    can we skip the fight and go straight to them making kittens?

    • Nekonny

      Sure, but only after the bounce party rave.

      • Gravedigger

        am I invited???????

        • Shadow5000

          Can I come too?

          • Gravedigger

            if I can get an invite, yes

      • Anthony Ramirez

        is that before or after the wet t shirt contest?

  • william

    touching moment. makes me wonder what the victory celebration’ll look like.

  • Razgriz Blaze

    The anti-climax is strong with this one.

    • Shadow5000

      (Face-palm) (In Spy’s voice) NOOOOOOOO.

  • John Gahris

    I get this sickening feeling that we’re close to the end of this wonderful story, which has been a bright spot in my gloom for a very long time….

  • UmbrotheUmbreon

    Kimi is so cute in this page ;3;

  • Zorpheus

    And the lesson learned here is…. don’t do brave things until you can coax a kiss with the leg up from your hot girlfriend.

  • Drakara

    Just one more reason why I LOVE Kimi! XD