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A trio of friends arrive on a tropical island for what they think is going to be nothing more than a relaxing vacation, only to be received by the locals as the heroes of legend reborn! 

This apparent misunderstanding is due to the fact that, as the heroine before them, they are all unique cat hybrids; Tina Vermillion: a tiger nekomimi, Yuki Keystone: a caracal nekomimi, and Nekonny: a human stuck in the body of a cat.

The would-be heroes aren't quick to believe that they are anything special, but fate keeps putting further evidence that there is more to the legend than the local's stories alone. When they meet the nekomimi Maya working in the local inn, they feel that this legend may not only be real, but may contain the secrets that will give Nekonny his human form back and through it, his normal life.

And although Maya cannot remember her origins, she still believes herself to be the true heroine of the legend. Could this legend hold the key to make Nekonny human again? Will Tina or Yuki be the ones to defend the island from certain destruction at the hand of ancient dark forces?

Welcome to Caribbean Blue!