Japan Spring 2014 Trip Report

I recently returned from a trip to the land of the rising sun. Since I get a week off at the end of March I usually take my travel vacation around this time as well. Japan’s great to visit during this season, since the weather has started to warm up and it falls on the same week as the cherry blossoms bloom, making it quite a sight to see.

Here’s the breakdown of how it went:

Day 1:
Arrived in Tokyo 4:40pm, checked into hotel around 8, had dinner at sushi restaurant.
Day 2:
Started off at the Tsukiji Fish market, then headed to Odaiba to see the Takoyaki museum and the giant gundam statue. In the afternoon I toured the Anime stores around Nakano, and finished the day in Shibuia with dinner in a nice sushi restaurant.
Day 3:
Started the day exploring Akihabara’as anime stores. After lunch, I went to Ueno park to see the cherry blossoms. Picked up a pass to the Tokyo Skytree then headed to Asakusa to visit the Sensoji temple while I waited. Even after the 3 hour wait, I had to wait another hour to actually get into the Skytree, so it was night by the time I reached the top of the tower.
Day 3:
Headed to Kyoto in the morning via Bullet train. I walked through the older district, taking pictures and stopping to rest frequently (feet hurt from all the walking). Then I completed my trip to Osaka, checked into my hotel and had dinner in the famous Dantobori street.
Day 4:
Spent most of the day shopping around Den Den town in Osaka, ending with another great dinner in Dantobori.
Day 5:
Headed off to nearby Nara, talked around the temple park area, saw all the deer and visited the gigantic Todai-ji temple that houses an immense statue of buddah.
Day 6:
Took the Shinkansen to Hirshima, checked into the hotel and made my way to Miajima island to see the Itsukushima Shrine and it’s famous floating torii gate. Sampled some of the great oysters they are also famous for.
Day 7:
Visited Hiroshima itself, starting at the peach park and A-Bomb Dome, enjoying the sunny weather and sakura liked riverbanks, then visited the museum and made my way back to the hotel via the shopping streets.
Day 8:
Started making my way back to Tokyo, stopping at Osaka one last time to shop at Den-Den Town for some gifts. Ended the night back in the same hotel I started out in.
Day 9:
My last full day in Tokyo. I began by visiting Ueno park and Asakusa again, both now in full bloom. After gettig more than my fill of cherry blossoms, I went for one last round of shopping; hitting Nakano Broadway and Shibuya one last time.
Day 10:
Before heading to the airport, I made one last stop in Akihabara to pick up a little something for my dad. Flight home was long, but rather uneventful. At this point I just want to get back to my large comfortable bed.
Day 11:
Arrived home around 1am, took a shower and went right to bed.

All in all I had a great time. The weather was nice for most of the trip, I got to do everything had planned without feeling too rushed.