002 – Steve II

So we reached the end of the comic! While we wait for the next one to start up, Steve here can provide us with some entertainment.

For those of you that missed the Final Kickstarter, you can still order a copy of the book at he following address: http://cblue.katbox.net/volume-3/. This will be up until I actually place the order itself, at which point the books won’t become available again until the KS rewards are fulfilled.

The current plan is for the reboot of TinaOnLine to launch January 2015.

AWA 2014 Con Report

Just got back from a wonderful weekend at AWA with my fellow katboxers RazorFox(DC) and Godai(Rascals). Over the course of 3 days we got to hang out, meet fans and other artists and dine on some great food. I really enjoyed my experience there and I hope to do it again next year!