Happy New Year 2015!

N-chan stared into her locker, emptying its’ contents into a solemn box. Memories of the years stacked upon one another. It still hadn’t quite sunk in that it was in fact all over. Most of the others had already bid their farewells and long since left. Leaving the place quiet and empty. She let out a heavy sigh as she placed her final knickknack into her box.

Taking one final gaze into the back of the locker, all that was left was a shimmering garment which she quickly identified to be the annual dress she had used for the most recent years New Years events. She held up the garment against herself letting out a small smile thinking back on the old days. “Figures, this would be the last thing… and on this, of all nights”.

“You’re still here?” A familiar voice called out to her. The voice was soon given the face of Mihari, her co-star in the fill-in-the-blanks moments over the years. She held tight to her own box of memories and her momento garments, she smiled as she looked over N-chan holding up her glittering red dress. She put down her own box, and selected one of the bags of sealed garments, setting the others atop the box. Unzipping it from the protective hanger, she pulled out her own purple dress, and smiled at her companion and said, “say, it’s almost midnight. How about we celebrate together, for old time sake?”

“Can’t escape tradition I guess.” N-chan replied with a sigh and a grin. This caused them both to giggle in unison, and nod at each other in agreement, Mihari spun around dress in hand and disappeared back into the set, sounds of shifting furniture and glass clanking could be heard.

N-chan quickly hurried into her dress to meet the eager cheetah. She found Mihari already dressed and out on the balcony with two glasses filled with some bubbly of sorts. N-chan approached with a smile, Mihari picked up her glass, and N-chan hers, and toasting their glasses together in unison they said, “cheers!”

Each empty their glasses, swiftly they are refilled, and the recanting of memories past begins. Taking sips between giggles, short stories, recalling the good, the bad, and all the stuff in between. They continued on until suddenly the sky filled up with ceremonial fireworks.

The new year has come…

AWA 2014 Con Report

Just got back from a wonderful weekend at AWA with my fellow katboxers RazorFox(DC) and Godai(Rascals). Over the course of 3 days we got to hang out, meet fans and other artists and dine on some great food. I really enjoyed my experience there and I hope to do it again next year!