Chasing Summertime

Summer already huh? So many things happening!

I’m happy to report that our Patreon is doing very well, but with your help it can do even better! check out all the new rewards and milestone goals over at our page!

Over in figure world, we have just opened up a new shop over at Sculpteo. One of the main advantages here is that you can scale the figures we sell according to your budget, and get them printed as large or as small as you want! Of course, there are some limitations to the size, but it’s a lot nicer being able to add an extra inch or two on the fly like that.

To commemorate this new store, we had planned to release two new sculptures:

Tropical Swimsuit Tina. Tina being as confident and spunky as ever, sporting her now infamous paw print bikini and enjoying some icecream while showing off. Oh Tina, will you never learn?

Ultimate Nekocat Armor Kimi. A variation of her bikini outfit, but now sporting her bad ass, leviathan bustin’, ultimate nekocat armor! Unfortunately, printing requirements have changed since this model was first sculpted a year ago, and as we no longer have access to the original file for modifications, sadly Kimi is no longer printable. In fact, there is (and probably ever will be) only one print of her in existence (yup, it’s here on top of my desk). But perhaps she can be yours? How you ask? Well, I’m not sure yet, but stay tuned!